Poultry Games

This page is full of poultry related games for kids of all ages from Kindergarten to 99 years old.  There are word games, jigsaw puzzles, and online games of all variety.  Enjoy! 


Word Games with Healthy Harry  -  Healthy Harry teaches biosecurity through a word search, crytogram and crossword puzzle.  This is a pdf document that can be printed and shared with anyone.

Fun Word Games  -  A pdf booklet brought to you be Healthy Harry, contains a number of word games that entertain and educate on better biosecurity practices.

Chicken Terms Word Search Puzzle  -  Find the words about chickens in the word search grid.  When you have found all the terms, read the remaining letters from left to right, top to bottom, to learn an interesting chicken fact.


Fancy Chicken Jigsaw Puzzle  -  How quickly can you assemble the picture of the Fancy Chicken?

Turkey Jigsaw Puzzle  -  How quickly can you assemble the picture of the Turkey?


online games.JPG

Chicken Coop  -  Learn about the needs of backyard poultry in your own little virtual chicken coop.

Chicken Populated Countries  -  Name the highest-producing countries in the world in this time-crunch game.  Hint: United States of America is #2.

Egg Mania  -  Keep your birds safe and happy, clean their coop and sell the eggs in this online game.

How many Chicken Breeds Can You Name?  -  How quickly can you name 47 chicken breeds, try your hand at this speedy puzzle.