Looking for poultry themed activities for your kids.  Here is a collection of great activities that the whole family can do together.  

Biosecurity for Kids - Activities that entertain and educate on better biosecurity practices.

Poultry Projects  -  Great poultry themed activities for the whole family. Learn how to make an Incredible Egg Geode.

Chicken Themed Coloring Pages  -  Enjoy a number of chicken themed coloring pages.  Great for toddlers, kindergartners and adults looking for a stress relief.  


Explore the World of Poultry

Egg Embryology  -  An interactive graphic showing the 21 day Chick Lifecycle

The Incredible Egg  -  Egg based activities from Beyond the Chalkboard

 Pekin Ducks at the Columbian Park Zoo  -  Learn about Pekin Ducks from the ISPA's local Zoo, Columbian Park Zoo



Wake Up to Eggs  -  Learn why eggs for breakfast are the best start to your day and can keep you going for the rest of the day.

Do you have an adult who can help you learn to prepare poultry dishes?  We've got a GREAT RECIPES for you and your family to cook together!



Curious About Chicken  -  Learn about the chicken industry in Indiana

Eggs From Farm To Table  -  Follow the journey of the egg from the farm to the table

Quack Facts  -  Discover how farmers care for their ducks

Turkey Talk  -  Turkeys answer some common questions



Have you ever heard a turkey gobble? A rooster crow?  A duck quack?

Here is a video of Tom Turkeys Gobbling.  Hen Turkeys don't gobble, they click!

Listen to this Rooster crowing in the morning.

Here is a video of ducks quacking.  Any guesses on what they are discussing with each other?