We know that as a Poultry Superintendent you have a lot on your mind when it comes to running a successful poultry show at the County Fair.  Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all the paperwork you need for a Poultry Show.  On this page we have copies of the forms required for a County Fair Poultry Show.

Poultry Superintendents are required to submit the "Superintendents NPIP Report" and "Superintendents Address Form" within seven (7) days of the close of the County Fair.  In the past, the reports had to printed, hand written, signed and mailed to the ISPA Office.  Beginning this year, Poultry Superintendents will be able to submit these two reports online.  It is as simple as completing the form online and clicking the submit button.


Only a County Poultry Superintendent may complete this form. 

This report certifies that poultry exhibitors showing at your County Fair had documentation which proved that thier poultry originated directly from an NPIP PT Certified Clean Flock within one (1) year or had a negative PT test within ninety (90) days prior to exhibition. 

It is not necessary to send to the ISPA the documentation showing proof of negative PT status.  The ISPA does strongly recommend that the Poultry Superintendent should have copies of the documentation in case questions arise regarding PT status on an Exhibitor.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf copy of the Poultry Superintendent Report.


This form allows the ISPA to contact Poultry Superintendents with important information, including the latest poultry disease information and NPIP regulations for poultry.  We will never share the contact information with another agency.

This report should be submitted within seven (7) days of the close of the County Fair.  It should be completed by the County Poultry Superintendent.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf copy of the Poultry Superintendents Address Form.


2018 PURDUE EXTENSION INDIANA COUNTY FAIR POULTRY PACKET  -  This packet is a collection of forms that should help County Poultry Superintendents run a successful Poultry Show at their County Fair.  

2019 POULTRY INFORMATION BOOKLET  -  This booklet is a great resource for poultry owners.