Whether these family-owned farms are large or small scale operations, food safety and animal care are top priorities of our farmers. They care about the quality and safety of the products that feed their own families, their local communities, and communities across the country. Our eggs and poultry products are safe, economical, and wholesome sources of protein.


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Indiana will waive the Salmonella pullorum and Salmonella typhoid (P-T) testing requirement during the 2019 County Fair Season, through August 31, 2019.

The exception to this waiver is that out-of-state poultry that are NOT from an NPIP Pullorum-Typhoid clean flock must be P-T tested.  All poultry coming into Indiana must either be from an NPIP certified Pullorum-Typhoid clean flock utilizing a completed VS, 9-3 form or are required to prove that they have been P-T tested prior to arrival in Indiana and within 90 days of exhibition.

Should P-T antigen become widely available through various poultry supply retailers before August 31, we will reexamine this waiver.

CLICK HERE to read the Official Announcement regarding the Pullorum-Typhoid Testing Waiver.  

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The objective of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) is to provide a cooperative Industry-State-Federal program which works toward the improvement of poultry and poultry products throughout the country.  Interested in becoming an NPIP Exhibition Member in Indiana, CLICK HERE for more information.


Educational Resources

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The ISPA provides educational materials for classes, clubs and fairs across Indiana. We have a wide variety of materials on Biosecurity, flock health, common poultry diseases and flock management. We may also be able to speak at your event on Biosecurity, Flock Health and nutrition.

CLICK HERE to  view samples of materials and to ORDER MATERIALS FOR FREE.


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Discover the many nutritional benefits that come from a diet that includes all types of poultry. 

Learn the positive impact of adding EGGS to your diet.

TURKEY is a versatile meat, great for summer grilling season.

We have a large selection of recipes for CHICKEN, EGG, DUCK, and TURKEY, from Breakfast through Dinner, in all types of cuisine.

USPOULTRY's 360-Degree Virtual Reality Turkey Farm Video Tour

Visit a turkey farm without even stepping outside! The U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) recently released a 360° virtual reality video giving viewers an inside look at how turkeys are raised, and the careful measures farmers take as they grow. The virtual reality video allows a panoramic view of the farm by using arrows to look up, down, side-to-side, front and back from the original starting point. This is a great resource for the public to see just how turkey operations function and the meticulous care that goes into growing healthy birds.

While the video is playing, use your mouse to drag the video around while it’s playing!!


ISPA offers a FREE flock evaluation program.  The voluntary testing program, referred to as Indiana's Test Twelve (T-12) Program, monitors Avian Influenza through a simple antibody test from your hens' eggs.  The T-12 test is specifically designed for chickens, not other types of poultry.  Results may aid is assessing the health status of the birds, but should not be used as a diagnostic test.  To participate fill out the online form below.  When you receive the kit, collect 12 eggs and return them to the ISPA in our postage paid package.  Please note, this is a monitoring test only, the results are for the poultry owners benefit and cannot be used to certify egg quality or as a replacement to poultry health papers.  Due to the nature of the T-12 test, the ISPA cannot predict a specific date for the results.

Happy October!

As the month moves forward and the weather starts to get cooler, we look forward to cold-weather meals like chili. This week we feature Pumpkin Turkey Chili-a traditional meal with a twist! Enjoy the month of October by trying this fun recipe and others from AllRecipes.com!

What did the turkey dress up as for Halloween?

A goblin

Click Here for the recipe from AllRecipes.com

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