The American Egg Board is the premier source for incorporating eggs into your menu. There is no denying that eggs are very popular with today’s consumer. From a traditional egg in the morning breakfast, to a fried egg on your burger to multicultural egg dishes, there are so many options for incorporating eggs into your food service. Here are some of our favorite egg foodservice resources:

Egg Trends - Six Chef’s at the top of their game, worked with the American Egg Board to create inspiring dishes centered around the egg and their cuisine style. For example, Chef Ray Garcia (one of the top ten Mexican Chef’s in the USA), explores the eggs use in Latin cuisine.

So Many Recipes - The American Egg Board’s extensive egg recipe database, organized into convenient categories that make finding your next egg inspired recipe to locate.

Egg Safety & Handling - As a foodservice professional, you understand the imporatance of safe food prep to keep food borne illness away from your clients. This website is a good reminder on how to safely work with eggs.


If your school is looking for new ways to incorporate eggs into breakfast, lunch and snacks, then the following Toolkit document is a great place to start. CLICK HERE to download AEB’s Eggs in Schools Tookit.

5 Days / 5 Ways Program - This program shows how to maximize egg product usage while minimizing inventory. Flyers show how to take a particular egg product and serve it five different ways throughout a school menu cycle.

Eggs In Schools Recipes - A comprehensive list of egg based recipes for school meal programs.


Sixty-eight percent of consumers have eaten chicken for a meal or snack from a foodservice establishment in the past two weeks (Feedstuffs, 2018). Nineteen percent of those consumers anticipate eating more chicken at a foodservice establishment in the next twelve months. No doubt about it, chicken is a popular menu choice.

Chicken Check-In - This website, developed by the National Chicken Council, is designed for the foodservice and culinary professional. More than ever, customers want to know how the chicken they are eating was raised and processed, with this website foodservice staff will be able to answer those questions.

Chicken Roost - This website provides the same type of information as Chicken Check-In but with a slant towards the customer. It has a large amount of chicken recipes to inspire your taste buds.


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