Maintaining a backyard Flock can be a lot of hard work but it can be a fun rewarding experience.  To assist you in the process we have compiled a number of links to documents and sources that will provide you with the skills to successfully maintain your backyard flock.

The Indiana State Poultry Association offers a FREE flock evaluation program.  The voluntary testing program, referred to as Indiana's Test Twelve (T-12) Program, monitors Avian Influenza through a simple antibody test from your hens' eggs.  The T-12 test is specifically designed for chickens, but not other types of poultry.  Results may aid is assessing the health status of the birds, but should not be used as a diagnostic test.

To participate complete to Request Form found here.  Upon receiving the kit, collect 12 eggs and return them to the ISPA in our postage paid package.

Please note, this is a monitoring test only, the results are for the poultry owners benefit and cannot be used to certify egg quality or as a replacement to poultry health papers.  Due to the nature of the T-12 test, the ISPA cannot predict a specific date for the results.

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USDA APHIS Video on Good Biosecurity Practices  -  Diseases like highly pathogenic avian influenza can reach beyond the commercial poultry industry, impacting backyard and hobby flocks as well. Large disease outbreaks like the HPAI outbreak in 2014-2015 can even affect consumer prices and product availability. It is important that anyone who has contact with poultry should follow some basic biosecurity practices to help protect their birds. This is a longer version of the previous Spotlight On video, providing additional content and context.