Turkey is a delicious and versatile source of protein -- and it's not just for Thanksgiving anymore! Statistics show that more and more people are appreciating turkey as a delicious meal or snack year-round.


Below you'll find a selection of turkey recipes for many occasions. Click on the image to go to the recipe. 

Fried Turkey & Waffle Bites

with Sriracha Maple Drizzle

Apricot Glazed Turkey

Smoked Turkey Nachos

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

with Fritos


Now What? 5 Ways to Use Leftover Turkey  -  MyPlate helps with five ways to use that leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving meal. Below is the infographic they published with this article.

Shepard’s Turkey Pie

A roasted turkey breast has only 160 calories compared to a roasted chicken breast that has 170 calories.
There are 250 million turkeys grown each year in the United States, throughout many
regions of the country.
— Today's Turkey

Turkey Roast and Rice Soup

Turkey Tostadas

The term “fresh” may ONLY be placed on raw poultry that has never been below 26 °F. Poultry held at 0 °F or below must be labeled “frozen” or “previously frozen.”

Confetti Turkey Pocket

All turkeys are free from any addition of either hormone or steroids. Adding hormones in
poultry is prohibited by federal law
— Today's Turkey

Eve’s Tasty Turkey Tetrazzini

Turkeys are allowed to roam freely within their barns with constant water and feed. Turkeys
are raised in these scientifically designed, temperature-regulated barns with maximum space and protection from weather, insects, rodents, predators and visitors who might carry disease.
— Today's Turkey

Turkey Nutrition Links

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