Test your comprehension of the Module 5-B material.  For each question note which answer you think is correct.  When you have selected an answer for each of the questions click on the button for the answer key.


Question 1

Blood for testing is routinely collected from waht area of a bird's body?

A. Brachial (wing) vein

B. Cervical (neck) vein

C. Heart

D. Metatarsal (leg) vein

Chicken Transparent-Image.png

Question 2

What indicates a possible positive test result for pullorum-typhoid disease?

A. A color change from red to blue

B. A color change from blue to dark blue

C. Clumping, or agglutination, throughout the sample

D. Clumping in only one or two spots

Chicken Transparent-Image.png

Question 3

If you have a positive Pullorum-Typhoid reactor, what is the first action you should take?

A. Call Animal Control and report the test result

B. Place the bird associated with the positive reactor in a separate location from the rest of the flock and call the Indiana State Poultry Association

C. Euthanize the poultry and continue testing the other poultry in the flock

D. Take the positive reactor poultry to your local veterinarian