Test your comprehension of the Module 4 material.  For each question note which answer you think is correct.  When you have selected an answer for each of the questions click on the button for the answer key.

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Question 1

To maintain a high level of bisecurity when sick birds nearby, it is necessary to disinfect:

A. Vehicles that enter the "clean" area

B. Equipment that arrives or leaves the property

C. Clothing and footwear after contact with sick birds

D. All of the above


Question 2

Biosecurity is a set of actions designed to prevent the introduction of disease agents. Which of these are appropriate actions to take?

A. Control poultry to wild bird exposure

B. Restrict traffic on your property through appropriately placed signs

C. Clean and disinfect all equipment used with poultry on a regular schedule

D. All of these are appropriate actions to take to maintain good biosecurity