Test your comprehension of the Module 3 material.  For each question note which answer you think is correct.  When you have selected an answer for each of the questions click on the button for the answer key.

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Question 1

Disease causes a bird's health to weaken. What is a result of this weakened state?

A. Poor productivity

B. Reduced quality of the affected animal.

C. Possible loss through death

D. All of the above


Question 2

Which of the following are indicators of birds infected with pullorum-typhiod disease?

A. White pasty excrement (in chicks)

B. A high death rate in the first three weeks after hatching

C. Severe lesions on many of the internal organs

D. All of the above are indicators, along with drowsiness, lack of appetite, drooping wings, labored breathing, swelling in joints, and a stunted or distorted body appearance.

Chicken Transparent-Image.png

Question 3

The primary route of transmission of pullorum-typhoid disease is by:

A. Breathing infected particles

B. Consumption of infected droppings

C. Consumption of infected feed

D. Transmission within the egg from the parent to the offspring


Question 4

How can avian influenza be spread to a flock?

A. Exposure of poultry to waterfowl

B. Contaminated poultry equipment

C. Direct bird-to-bird contact

D. All of the above