Chicken consists of high-quality protein and a relatively low amount of fat. In addition, fat in chicken is mostly of the unsaturated type, which protects against heart disease. Thus, chicken is often recommended by physicians and nutrition counselors as an alternative to red meat, which typically has more fat and more saturated fat.
— From the National Chicken Council: "Chickopedia" -- Definitions for Consumers

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How to Make Stuffed Chicken Breast! This stuffed chicken breast recipe uses Italian/Mediterranean ingredients for an easy dinner when company comes over! This delicious Italian stuffed chicken is filled with a puree of mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives. It's topped with mozzarella cheese, and then rolled, sautéed and baked for the ultimate weeknight or weekend meal.

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The National Chicken Council - National Chicken Council (NCC) is the national, non-profit trade association whose primary purpose is to serve as the advocate and voice for the U.S. broiler chicken industry in Washington, D.C.

Food Safety and Inspection in the Broiler Industry - Food safety is the top priority for companies that produce and process chicken products in the United States, and the industry prides itself on delivering safe, affordable and wholesome food both domestically and abroad.

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