It is everyone’s responsibility to help prevent the spread of transmissible diseases in poultry.

Raising chickens, turkeys, and other types of birds—whether done for profit or pleasure—involves undertaking the serious responsibility of disease prevention. As you’ve learned during this guide, following simple procedures on a regular basis can have a significant impact on keeping your birds healthy. Although the NPIP nationwide testing program has virtually wiped out pullorum-typhoid disease in commercial flocks and hatcheries, it is still a major problem in birds raised by some small breeders. Should the infection spread to large hatchery operations, it could cause literally millions of dollars in damage. But as more backyard breeders become aware of the consequences and participate in the NPIP testing program, diseases affecting chickens, turkeys, and other fowl can be effectively controlled.

Remember, preventing disease is everyone’s responsibility.

Stay informed so that YOU can:

  • RECOGNIZE when there is a problem

  • Know WHAT TO DO when faced with a disease issue

  • Remember WHO to contact for a disease problem

  • Know whom to go to with questions

Agriculture is a vital industry for our economic health. We must work together to maintain a safe food supply. Prevention and preparedness are our best defenses against disease. Use the practices you gained from this guide to make your contribution toward protecting this valuable industry.

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