Eggs are incredibly efficient for delivering nutrients at a low cost (15 cents per egg!) and low calorie count. A single egg packs 6 grams of protein, antioxidants and 13 vitamins and minerals. They’re extremely versatile and can be cooked solo or with other foods to create a wide variety of dishes. Eggs make a great breakfast — starting off right with the protein, vitamins and minerals found in eggs will help keep you going through the day!

Below you'll find a selection of egg recipes for many occasions. Each recipe is printable in 3" x 5" recipe card format! (They may initially appear small on your computer screen -- zoom in for best on-line viewing.)



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EGG CAPPUCCINO  -  How do you like you Cappuccino?  Creamy, strong, extra hot?  With or without an EGG?  A Cafe named Round K in New York City recently began serving the Egg Cappuccino and now fans of the beverage are instagraming their love for this drink. The Egg Cappuccino is based on a traditional Korean egg coffee which is prepared with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and robusta coffee.  Would you be adventurous enough to try this drink?  Let us know if you have tried one.   


Eggs In the News

Real Eggs vs. Replacements: What Should Manufacturers Use?  -  This even-handed pro/con piece cites AEB-funded research showing "the real thing still delivers on taste, texture, flavor, mouthfeel, height and structure."

For School Success, Start the Day With an Egg - Scientific studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast can result in better memory, improved mood and less absences from school. Too often, however, kids miss out on important nutrients from their morning meal, such as protein. ( - June 2017)

Lose Weight, Reduce Stress and Lower Your Disease Risk With These Six Habits - Nutritionists, personal trainers, yoga teachers and chefs across the country were asked to share their top habits that set the stage for a healthy day.  ( - June 13, 2017)   

Eggs Promote Growth of Malnourished Infants, Children - Two new studies from different parts of the world, conclude that eggs improve growth in malnourished infants and children. These studies are some of the first studies to look at the role of eggs in at-risk populations. ( - June 16, 2017)

Gluten-Free Solutions Begin with Real Eggs  -  Creating tasty gluten-free recipes whether for the family or for mass distribution begins by using real eggs.  The protein from an egg white can help gluten-free batter and breading adhere to frozen appetizers and food.

Egg Pops  -  A fun, new way to meet school federal school nutrition guidelines. The steps to creating and serving EggPops are simple and easy. Take a protein-rich, hard-cooked egg, insert a stick and dust with savory spices.  

Better Breakfast with Protein-Rich Eggs  -  Eggs are an all-natural, high-quality protein powerhouse.  Learn why they are essential part of a healthy breakfast.

Un Desayuno Mejor Con Huevos Ricos en Proteina  -  The Better Breakfast with Protein-Rich Eggs Flyer in Spanish.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?  -  The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle based upon the traditional foods and drinks of the countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea.  Many scientific studies done over the past 60 years have shown the Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat in the world.

Cholesterol: What does the Science Say?  -  More than 40 years of research has shown that healthy adults can eat eggs without significantly affecting their risk for heart disease.

Egg Nutrition and Consumer Resources

"Egg Q & A" Printable Brochure  -  A consumers quick guide to the egg.

Egg Safety from the Incredible Egg  -  America's egg farmers work closely with the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture to help ensure the safest and highest quality eggs possible.  

Egg Nutrition Labels  -  Nutrition labels for an Egg (whole / raw / fresh) 

Eggs and Cholesterol  -  More than 40 years of research have demonstrated that healthy adults can enjoy eggs without significantly impacting their risk of heart disease. 

A Dozen Ways Egg Nutrients Benefit the Body  -  Eggs contain many important nutrients. From our brain to our bones, the impact of these nutrients are wide-ranging.

The Egg Safety cycle  -  One way to think about egg safety is ongoing cycle consisting of four key parts: Inspect, Clean, Test, and Time.

Eggs For All & Egg Nutrition from Novus  -  Two pages that show how eggs are essential part of anyones diet and why eggs are so nutritious.

Egg Recipe Resources

The Incredible Egg Recipe Collection  -  American Egg Board has gathered simple and quick egg recipes from breakfast ideas to kid-friendly meals to dessert and baking recipes.

Rose Acre Farms Recipes  -  A collection of their favorite egg based recipes.