The Indiana Poultry Industry

The commercial US poultry industry leads the way in having the world's most advanced farm technology and production techniques and takes pride in providing one of the safest and healthiest food options available to consumers.

Through research, innovation and further improvement, the poultry industry will continue to be at the forefront of advances in animal care, efficient use of resources, food production and safety.

The direct economic impact of Indiana's poultry producers and processors includes:

  • The creation of 7,000 jobs
  • A direct contribution of over $4.25 billion annually to Indiana's economy. The total contribution to Indiana's economy is in excess of 5-6 times that amount.

Nationally, Indiana ranks:

  • 1st in Duck Production (the two largest companies in the Americas are headquartered in Indiana
  • 3rd in Egg Production
  • 4th in Turkey Production

Indiana's producers will continue to produce for a growing and hungry population in the U.S. and through exports to all parts of the world.

We are able to do this because of:

  • The abundance of corn and soybeans available through the hard work of Indiana farmers
  • The policies of Indiana government which value agriculture and the importance of the food production and processing sector.