BOAH 12-09-15 HPAI Meeting for Meat Bird Industry

Table of Contents & Action Items

 Scenario 1: Free Zone/Outside a Control Area

  • IN BOAH will send each company a survey and list of their premises for verification

 Scenario 2: In the Control Area

 Scenario 3: The Infected Farm

 Action Items:

1.)    Contact BOAH’s Barb Pierle at (317) 544-2381 or with ANY updates regarding your premises. (Contact information, number of houses, number of birds, etc)

2.)   Train an appropriate number of individuals to properly obtain and submit diagnostic swabs for avian influenza. (ADDL/ISPA is scheduling a sampling school for November 20th)

3.)   Prepare to schedule a time for BOAH personnel to demonstrate usage of the Indiana Permit to your permitted movement key contacts. (A BOAH staff member will contact you.)

4.)   Obtain a D-U-N-S Number if you have not already.

5.) Submit an Indiana Direct Deposit Agreement Form and W-9 Form to IN BOAH via USPS.  ATTN: Deb Rosemeyer

6.)   Call IN BOAH if a flock is experiencing AI-like clinical signs or if mortality or egg production meets HPAI case definitions (see HPAI Response Plan Case Definitions and Production Parameters sheet).

6.)   Review Indemnity Claim Form, Flock Plan Template, and Investigation Questionnaire and pre-populate as much information as appropriate.  

7.)   Arrange for your employees to be medically cleared and fit tested to use a respirator mask.

8.)   Designate a media contact person.