Agriculture in the Classroom

Whether you are a teacher, a parent or just someone that wants to educate others, there are many exciting ideas and learning activities that utilize poultry.

From experiments that engage students with eggs, to teaching basic biology with a classroom incubator project, there are many ways to make learning fun. The websites and publications below will inspire any educator to teach students with poultry as an authentic learning tool.

Culinary Arts in the Classroom

National Turkey Federation Culinary Curriculum Module  -  From the National Turkey Federation, this publication is an educational module for students learning culinary arts. It features a comprehensive introduction to methods of cooking turkey.

Boiler Vet Camp

"The only camp of its kind in Indiana, Boiler Vet Camp gives want-to-be veterinarians or veterinary technicians the chance to live out their dreams. This camp is designed for students who are interested in becoming veterinary healthcare professionals and provides a preview into the real and vast fields of veterinary medicine. Students who attended a previous camp can not repeat the same camp.

Through presentations, demonstrations, laboratories, visits and in-depth, hands-on activities, students will discover what modern veterinary medicine is all about. Students will gain personal experience of what it is like to attend vet school and what it takes to become a veterinarian or veterinary technician through this seven day on-campus experience at one of the premier veterinary schools in the country. Students entering 8th and 9th grades are eligible to attend Jr. Camp and students entering the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades are eligible to attend the Sr. Camp. The minimum age required to attend Vet Camp is 12 years of age.

Apply to Boiler Vet Camp Today!


Egg Experiments: A Fun and Informative Way to Teach  -  Want to teach science principles in a fun and informative way? This is the place for you! Learn about science, using resources that are fun, inexpensive and easy to do.

A Brighter Idea -- Eggs!  -  A great resource for teachers or parents, this packet contains information on everything from egg grading to nutrition and egg safety! Provided by the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service.

Incubators in the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers  -  For educators or parents wanting to teach about the development of a chick from a science and biological standpoint, this provides all the information to get started.

Teacher Resources - American Egg Board  -  The American Egg Board (AEB) has partnered with credible educational organizations to create effective curriculum materials to help further your students’ knowledge of eggs, egg farmers and egg farms. AEB’s partners include Discovery Education, The Education Center and National Ag in the Classroom.

Meet Our Proud Egg Farmers - American Egg Board  -  Learn about how American Egg Farmers are committed to delivering high-quality eggs and following the highest standards for caring for their poultry and the land on which they farm.

Biosecurity and Food Safety

Biosecurity for the Birds Coloring book  -  Lots of fun pages to print and color await you in this educational coloring book!

Biosecurity for the Birds Quiz  -  Test your biosecurity knowledge! Information courtesy of the USDA / APHIS.

Backyard Biosecurity Self Evaluation  -  A nifty comprehensive handout that helps you stay on top of biosecurity practices! Information courtesy of the USDA / APHIS.

Additional Resources

Teacher Resources - U.S. Poultry and Egg Association  -  This website is a great resource for any educator and links to you some of the best material available!

Agriculture in the Classroom - National Organization