Poultry Activities for 4-H Clubs

A Poultry Picture Show

Have each 4-Her take photos of their birds, and then mount the pictures to a poster board. Posters can take the place of bird cages. Encourage the 4-Hers to be creative and decorate their posters. If judging is still a goal, specify angles/shots of the birds.

Biosecurity Poster

Have 4-Hers make posters showing how they practice biosecurity at home.

Plush Chicken.jpg

Bird Handling / Showmanship

Place toy (plush) birds in cages and have 4-Hers demonstrate good poultry handling techniques by taking the toy birds in and out of cages.  Toy, stuffed, lifelike poultry may be found on Amazon for around $20.

Bird Breeds

Display pictures of different bird breeds in the poultry barn, number each picture, and then quiz 4-Hers on the bird breeds.  The public can be invited to participate.

Poultry and Educational Activities

USDA's "Don't Borrow Bird Flu" Activity  -  A fun activity to do with a group of 4-Hers that demonstrates how biosecurity is crucial to keeping your poultry happy and healthy.

Encourage 4-Hers to participate in the National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference. At this conference 4-H youth have the opportunity to participate in a number of different events. For more information, go to www.facebook.com/4hpoultryandeggconference/ 

Since 2012, the American Egg Board has partnered with Discovery Education to bring modern egg farms into today’s classrooms through Virtual Egg Farm Field Trips. Join America’s egg farmers in exploring their farms!

Poultry Anatomy.jpg

Anatomy of the Chicken  -  The interactive "Anatomy of the Chicken Learning Resource" is a great interactive activity made for an iPad that allows visitors to see the life cycle of a developing chicken.

Biosecurity Educational Activity Kit  -  These fun activities introduce participants to the subject of farm biosecurity.  The activities focus on learning the methods of animal disease transmission, recognizing biosecurity signage and procedures, and taking pride in biosecurity measures in place on one's own farm.

Fair Auction / Sale

Instead of offering up birds for sale at the auction, 4-Hers could offer a basket of poultry-themed items (like an egg timer, stuffed bird or chicken calendar) or a stuffed hen. Of course, offering a photo of the bird is always an option.