The ISPA and Purdue Agricultural Programs

The Indiana State Poultry Association, located within the Animal Sciences department of Purdue University's College of Agriculture, works closely with Purdue faculty, staff and other academic associates.

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Purdue Faculty in Fields Relating to Poultry Science

Animal Sciences

Olayiwola Adeola
Professor of Animal Sciences

Kolapo Ajuwon
Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences

Todd Applegate
Professor of Animal Sciences

Heng-Wei Cheng
Research Biologist

Candace Croney
Associate Professor of Animal Sciences

Paul Ebner
Associate Professor of Animal Sciences

Susan Eicher
Research Physiologist

Patricia Hester
Professor of Animal Sciences

Marisa Erasmus
Assistant Professor of Animal

William Muir
Professor of Animal Sciences

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Albert Heber
Professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Jiqin Ni
Assistant Professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Agricultural Economics

Brent Gloy
Professor of Agricultural Economics

Michael Langemeier
Associate Director, Center for Commercial Agriculture

Nicole Olynk Widmar
Assitant Professor of Agricultural Economics

Hong Wang
Professor of Agricultural Economics


James Camberato
Associate Professor of Agronomy

Brad Joern
Professor of Agronomy

Doug Smith
Research Soil Scientist

Food Science

Kevin Keener
Professor of Food Science

Manpreet Singh
Associate Professor of Food Science

Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Elikplimi Asem
Professor of Physiology

Kevin Hannon
Associate Professor of Basic Medical Sciences

Tsang Long Lin
Head of Avian and Aquatic Section, ADDL
Professor of Veterinary Pathology

Geoffrey Lossie
Poultry Diagnostic Medicine Resident

Patricia Wakenell
Avian Diagnostic Pathologist
Associate Professor of Avian Diagnostics

William Wigel
Clinical Associate Professor of Veterinary Pathology

Christina Wilson
Clinical Associate Professor of Toxicology
Head of the Toxicology Section, ADDL
Head Chemist, ADDL