CDC Publication: After you touch ducklings or chicks, wash your hands so you don't get sick!

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The T-12 Program

Do you, your friends or family own poultry? The Indiana State Poultry Association has a program for poultry owners to keep track of their birds' health! You can participate in a state-wide biosecurity program for free, and recieve a free gift too!

To participate, complete the following form and return to our office: T-12 REQUEST FORM with Info.  When we receive the completed form, we will send you a box with biosecurity information and supplies to participate!

Study and learn!

Individuals who wish to learn more about poultry biosecurity or prepare for the Classroom School are welcome to study Modules 1-4 in the NPIP Poultry Health and Biosecurity Guide.

Listen to Purdue Animal Disease and Diagnostic Lab's Dr. Pat Wakenell's radio interview at: She discussed what the 2015 Avian Influenza outbreak meant to consumers and poultry producers in the US.

The USDA has several web sites on Avian Influenza:

  1. Learn more about biosecurity for backyard flocks at
  2. More information about USDA avian influenza efforts is available at